The DERINDERE FOUNDATION, which carries out social responsibility projects, continues to support many social responsibility projects as well as financial and moral support to its employees.

In addition, scholarship support provided to university students, which is a special project of the Derindere Foundation, symbolizes the importance given to the field of education and training.


Since 1990, the Derindere Group has made important contributions to the social development of Turkey by carrying out social responsibility activities in the field of education. Supporting the education of young people of Turkey whom considaring as the future of Turkey and providing education scholarships regularly for over 20 years, DRD provides scholarship opportunities for students as well as investments in schools and student dormitories. Ömer Derindere, founder member of the Derindere Group of Companies, was awarded with the Medal of Honor by the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) in 2009 for his services in this field.

1,500 students who have benefited from Derindere Group scholarships as of the past year have successfully completed university education; 1.000 students are actively continuing their education life. In the upcoming periods, the social responsibility activities of the Derindere Group in the field of education will continue at full speed.


The 47K Down Syndromes project organizes activities to improve personal development by providing educational services for children with Down Syndrome. The aim of this Project that helping down syndromes to contribute society and social life as compatible individuals.

DERINDERE Supports, WWF-Turkey "Turkey’s Life" Campaign

The DRD supports the " Turkey’s Life" campaign, which is being carried out in order to protect "endangered species" under the leadership of WWF-Turkey, the world's most respected and major environmental organization.
Protected Species Within The Campaing:

  • Association for the Protection of Turkish Nature Hatay Branch; "Improvement of Hatay Mountain Gazelle Living Environments and Reducing Risks",
  • Samandağ Environmental Protection and Tourism Association's "Protecting Green Sea Turtles Breeding in Samandag Beach"
  • The Küre Mountains Ecotourism Cooperative's "The Capped Mystery of the Küre Mountains: Mushrooms"
  • Boğaziçi International Cave Research Association's "Giant Wings of the Underworld: Egyptian Fruit Bats"
  • Wildlife Research Association's "Yer Yediuyurs Must Live"
  • Antalya Orchids and Biodiversity Protection Association's "Antalya's Five in One"