Derindere Group, which has made a difference with its institutional and reliable service mentality since 1970s, aims to build a service structure with international quality standards that respects patient rights and does not compromise medical and ethical principles with its new investment Hospital Derindere.

The Derindere Group has consistently maintained the position of "Turkey's the largest operational leasing brand with domestic capital ". Our corporate accumulation and vision, as well as its strong past in the automotive field, and DRD Brand which pioneered the operational leasing sector in our country for many years.

In addition, the production of the first hundred percent domestic electric car of Turkey's type approval certificate, which enables our country to vocalize strongly in international arenas in the automotive sector, has been successfully carried out at the DMA-Derindere Motor Vehicles factory.

The Derindere Group reinforces its corporate value, which it meets and wins more widely in the framework of determined work with all its subsidiaries operating in different business lines; after long-term feasibility and infrastructure studies, strong steps are taken to make a difference in new business lines. At this point, important investments are made in Derindere Hospital and the health sector in order to carry the benefits and added values that we have provided for our society to higher levels.

Derindere Hospital aims to provide services in the healthcare sector with advanced health technology and international quality standards, without sacrificing medical ethics principles, respecting patient rights. Our belief is that we will make a difference with Derindere Hospital in the healthcare sector with its professional staff, patient-oriented service approach, quality policy, diagnosis-treatment units with advanced technology and modern facilities as well as other sectors we operate as Derindere Group.

With my love and respect,